This is ASEAN – Barong Dance

The Barong Dance is often performed in ritual ceremonies to portray the battle between “Good vs. Evil”. The dance is probably the most well known and is one of the island’s favourites.

In Balinese mythology, the leading character ‘Barong’ takes the form a lion and is regarded as the King of the Spirits who represents Virtue and is seen as a ‘guardian angel’. Opposing the good side, the mythical creature called Rangda (or ‘widow’ in Javanese), is the Queen of Demons.

The dance narrates the battle between Barong and Rangda, where the latter would lead an army of evil witches to fight against Barong’s troops. As a mirror of life, the Barong Dance portrays the two characters in a never ending battle.

Regular Barong dance performances can be found in various places in Bali. However, the most popular shows are performed by the Batu Bulan villagers in the district of Gianyar or at Kesiman in Denpasar.